When referring to engineered flooring (multi layered hardwood) the thicker the flooring usually means the more stable the product is. Also, thicker products have a much thicker wear layer on top (measured in mm) This will give you additional benefits such as being able to sand and refinish if needed as the floor ages. 

There are different levels of moisture present in the home depending on the location. Any easy rule of thumb is no solid material should be installed in a basement. No wood products go into full bathrooms (half baths with no shower are OK). Waterproof products can typically go into all areas of the home. No products should be installed outside (where there is no climate control) such as a covered patio unless they are specifically rated for that type of installation.

The most noticeable difference is the look. If the installation location is a large space such as a living room in an open floorplan home, then larger format flooring products will typically suite this space better. Also, with wider and longer products you usually get a higher specification of flooring which will have thicker wear layers as an example or be thicker overall – see ‘Why does flooring thickness matter’ for more details on this.
This statement mainly applies to higher quality products such as hardwood flooring with a 2mm face thickness or greater. This material is sandable and refinishable. With this capability comes several benefits. If your style or interior design needs change down the road, you can also change the color of the flooring to suite, without having to remove all the flooring and reinstall a new floor. This saves you significant cost in comparison to a full replacement. Also, as you live on your floor you may pick up some wear and tear on the flooring over time from foot traffic and use. You can easily recoat the flooring and bring it back to the same look as the day you installed it. This is not the case with other flooring products such as carpet, tile or linoleum which once worn must be replaced. There are many stories with hardwood still going strong in houses that are over 100 years old. 
Much like other investments in you home that carry a high rate of return when your house is resold, for example kitchen and bath remodels. Hard surface flooring has been shown to be the preferred floor covering for home buyers. If your house is the a similar style and size in the neighborhood to another one being sold but your has hard surface flooring. With all things being equal the one with the better flooring products will sell faster and for a higher price (Learn More) where Lisa a Real Estate professional in NC talks about this.
Our hard surface products don’t trap allergens, pet dander and other dust bunnies 🙂 on the surface or in the fibers like with carpet. So, when you sweep or vacuum your floor you are getting all the allergens removed. This helps eliminate allergens getting into your HVAC system and other areas of the home which improves your indoor air quality. 
A simple sweep or vacuum of the floor to remove surface debris and dirt, then you use a terry cloth or microfiber mop with an approved cleaner for the final touch. Simple and easy.
Solid hardwood is one solid piece of wood all the way through. Whereas multilayered/engineered wood is made up of cross hatched layers. The engineered construction provides for a much more stable flooring product that is usually flatter and less affected by climate changes than solid wood. Solid wood is thicker and can be sanded which is one of the benefits of solid flooring. There is however a misconception that solid flooring can be sanded over and over, keep in mind that it can only be sanded as far as the top of the tongue and groove. Also, some of the thicker engineered flooring options like 9/16” or 5/8” have thick top layers that can be sanded as well if needed. The good news is we carry both so you can make you preferred choice.
Species will typically make a difference in a couple of primary areas – overall look of the floor and the overall hardness. Oak and Hickory are similar in hardness however hickory normally has more character and looks little more rustic than Oak. Birch is a cleaner looking species which looks very similar to Maple, but it is not as hard as Oak or Hickory.  Pro Tip – Also consider your lifestyle, Oak and Hickory will not show (as easily) light wear and tear on your floor as it ages. Maple or Birch will show imperfections more readily due to their more consistent graining.   
This is our trademarked manufacturing technology that is amazingly realistic and is available on many of our waterproof rigid core items. These products are produced to look just like wood flooring and our trademarked technology makes them virtually indistinguishable from real wood flooring. 

We use a UV cured hardwood flooring finish that contains aluminum oxide for durability. & several coats of protection are applied to our hardwood flooring before it is packaged in the box 

Color selection is your personal choice based on your design goals. However, we can tell you that in general the lighter the color you select the more natural character and graining you will see in the floor. Also, lighter floors will have a little more variation in color tone from board to board. If you pick a darker flooring color, you will see less of the natural character and the floor will look more even in color as the tone from board to board will be a little more uniform. Keep in mind though that darker floors will show dust and dirt etc. quicker between cleanings.
We have two finishes in our waterproof flooring portfolio. The newest version is the products that have the 3Diamond Infinite Clarity technology, this flooring is rated for commercial and residential use. The second is our vinyl finishes, these come in 3 levels, 12mil, 20mil and 30mil. The higher the mil rating the thicker the coating and therefore the more durable. In most cases a 20mil floor is more than enough for the average household. If you have a tighter budget, then the 12mil will be the best option. Or off course the 30mil which has the thickest wear layer and is the most durable choice, which is second in durability only next to the 3Diamond Infinite Clarity technology.

Yes a 6 mil poly is required under all waterproof flooring installations. Ideally this will be laid down in sections with approximately 3-4inch overlap and then taped together using duct tape

Waterproof Rigid Vinyl Flooring

Yes, the flooring is 100% waterproof and durable for pets.
Yes our Rigid Core flooring is approved for basements.
High Definition Rigid Core is not laminate, it is the newest version of waterproof flooring. It uses the Stone Polymer Composite core which is a similar core as used in rigid core waterproof flooring. However, no vinyl is used on the surface and therefore it has no mil wear-layer on the top. We use an extremely durable direct application high-definition technology that gets the commercial AC5 wear rating. This product is far superior in durability and scratch resistance compared to the products that have vinyl/plastic mil wear-layers on top. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Yes the flooring is 100% waterproof, several are antimicrobial and suitable for kids as well as pets!


General FAQ

Element offers a wide range of Engineered Hardwood, Solid Hardwood, Premium Waterproof Rigid Core, and Waterproof Rigid Core LVP flooring. We also offer prestained trim and mouldings to match.

Due to the unique characteristics of wood, variation in grain and color are a common occurrence and part of the natural beauty of wood. We highly recommend moving your sample from room to room to see it in various types of natural light since the perception of color can change dramatically depending on the lighting conditions. We also recommend ordering additional samples to get a better idea of the range of variation.


Our flooring is dent, scratch, fade, and warp resistant. Many of our flooring products are waterproof as well! Since flooring is a significant investment, we offer both residential and commercial warranties for our flooring. Warranties are product specific and listed with each product we offer.
Use and care instructions specific to your product can be found both in the box and in the RESOURCES section of our website.
YES! We are FloorScore and carb2 compliant for indoor air quality and best quality environmental practices.
Our product line caters to a broad range of installation capabilities, from novice DIY enthusiasts to seasoned professionals. You can locate more information in the RESOURCES section of our website.

Hardwood Flooring

We recommend referring to the NWFA or a seasoned installer. We know it can be done, but there are many factors and variables that need to be considered before doing so. The integrity of your new floor is only as good as the one it is being affixed to.
Prefinished just means that the color and the finish has already been applied to the product you receive. If it said unfinished, that would mean no finish or color had been added, the wood would be in its raw state.

Yes, our products are very durable. All of our Hardwood products have up to 9 layers of Durable Urethane Finish with Aluminum Oxide. We also use a 7-layer ply made of a multilayer cross hatch construction with a birch back layer for superior stability.


None of our products contain VOC’s. They are Carb 2 and Floorscore Certified.
Yes, a significant differentiator for our flooring is the premium wearlayers that are thicker and can be sanded and refinished

You can use a moisture resistant underlayment if you are more comfortable with doing so. You can also glue directly to the concrete slab if you are using an adhesive that has a moisture barrier in it. Many adhesives have this, just be certain that the one you purchase has a moisture barrier in it.

We recommend you use a Bona mop and cleaner designed specifically for engineered hardwood flooring. We do not recommend using detergent.