High Definition Rigid Vinyl Flooring

Yes, the flooring is 100% waterproof and durable for pets.
Yes our SPC flooring is approved for basements.
High Definition SPC is not laminate, it is the newest version of waterproof flooring. It uses the Stone Polymer Composite core which is a similar core as used in rigid core waterproof flooring. However, no vinyl is used on the surface and therefore it has no mil wear-layer on the top. We use an extremely durable direct application high-definition technology that gets the commercial AC5 wear rating. This product is far superior in durability and scratch resistance compared to the products that have vinyl/plastic mil wear-layers on top. Please let us know if you have any other questions.
Yes the flooring is 100% waterproof, antimicrobial and suitable for kids as well as pets!

Hardwood Flooring

We recommend referring to the NWFA or a seasoned installer. We know it can be done, but there are many factors and variables that need to be considered before doing so. The integrity of your new floor is only as good as the one it is being affixed to.
Prefinished just means that the color and the finish has already been applied to the product you receive. If it said unfinished, that would mean no finish or color had been added, the wood would be in its raw state.
Yes, our products are very durable. All of our Hardwood products have 9 Layers of Durable Urethane Finish with Aluminum Oxide. We also use a 7-layer ply made of a multilayer cross hatch construction with a birch back layer for superior stability.
None of our products contain VOC’s. They are Carb 2 and Floorscore Certified.
Yes, a significant differentiator for our flooring is the premium wearlayers that are thicker and can be sanded and refinished

You can use a moisture resistant underlayment if you are more comfortable with doing so. You can also glue directly to the concrete slab if you are using an adhesive that has a moisture barrier in it. Many adhesives have this, just be certain that the one you purchase has a moisture barrier in it.

We recommend you use a Bona mop and cleaner designed specifically for engineered hardwood flooring. We do not recommend using detergent.